City Education Partners (CEP) is an emerging San Antonio area 501c3 nonprofit that provides coordinated grants to public school operators and teacher preparation pathways in order to develop aspirational partnerships that create quality schools and attract top talent. Currently, CEP is funding an SAISD/Trinity University partnership to create an open enrollment, PK-12 advanced school and teacher residency model in downtown San Antonio.


CEP joins public schools, educator preparation pathways and philanthropy to increase the numbers of passionate teachers and leaders who come to San Antonio, serve in more purposeful ways in inner city schools for longer periods of time in order to provide high quality learning environments for all children so that they can fully realize their potentials.


CEP is led by Joel Harris, its Executive Director.  Joel is an Austin transplant who has lived in San Antonio for 8 years. Before joining CEP, Joel was a public school teacher at both the middle- and high school levels, he founded KIPP University Prep High School in San Antonio and he most recently worked as a national consultant for public state- and district education reform initiatives. Joel and his wife Cayce have three young children in public schools and a toddler who’s just now learning his ABCs.
As an expression of cohesive philanthropy and strategic alignment, CEP’s emerging board is currently made up of representatives of the Goldsbury Fund, the Ewing Halsell Foundation, the San Antonio Area Foundation/John Louis Santikos Foundation and the 80/20 Foundation – all working together to support excellent public school options that sustainably put all children on the path to success in college and their careers.